Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two Hospitals Served

We were able to create over 75 completed kits and many more partial kits. The "Daxton boxes" were donated to two hospitals. YAY!!! They were very well accepted.

I went with my manager around the hospital and gave a little inservice on how to use them. We went to the PICU and Peds ED. The doctors and nurses were really excited about using them.... well excited that they at least had something to use if needed.

Hopefully our efforts will reach across the valley. But we can only do it with your help! I have pondered and wondered how I would deal with Daxton's birthday (coming up here on May 31)every year and have decided that each year I would put together 10 kits. If you would like to help in this effort you can click here and enter We have a separate account for him. :)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!! And thank you from the families who will recieve them in the future. As devastating as it is to lose a child, sometimes it is nice to know that someone was thinking about you enough to care.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tribute to our Chubba Wubba

Daxton was born on May 31 2007 with all the hair from Heaven. I cried when I saw his perfection. He was so handsome with his wrinkly old man look. From the beginning he was a mother and father’s pride and joy. We held him every our every waking moment. I never left him out of my sight. I checked on him when he was asleep, I carried him wherever we went. He was so spoiled. His sister’s loved to hold him and love him as did all who knew him.

Early on he developed 3 cries, one to tell us he was poopy, one to tell us he was hungry, and one to tell us to save him from his sisters. I could tell every last one of them. Doug soon was able to as well as he had to tend him when I went back to work. I thought he was ready to sleep through the night, but Daxton had another plan in mind. When we would hear him, we would make a bottle, take it in, and he would hold it, but only until we were finished changing his diaper and then he would drop it and give us a “uh, uh” which meant that were supposed to hold him and his bottle.

His blessing day was beautiful. We had family and friends around us. Doug was able to bless him that he would serve a mission and raise a family. We now know that his mission is in Heaven.

One day Doug found Mikenna and Daxton on our bed. Mikenna had a mischievous look on her face and thought for sure she would be in trouble. While I am not a fan of my 6 month old eating a sucker, this was VERY hilarious.

He loved to play with my hair when I fed him. It pulled all the little hairs in the back and I would have to try to put it back and then it would fall forward again and he would grab it and just run his tiny little fingers through it again. He loved for us to sing to him when he went down. We rocked him every night. I told Doug that he was never to put him into bed and let him cry and if he did I was never to find out about it. His favorite songs were I am a Child of God and Teach me to walk in the Light. I would hum them while he was drinking his bottle. If I didn’t start singing, Daxton would look up at me with those baby blues and rosy cheeks and start to sing himself until I started. It took about an hour each night to get him to sleep. It was easier to put the girls to bed first and then him.

He loved to be outside. We went to a park in Las Vegas while Doug was on a business visit and he crawled around and climbed on everything. I thought for sure he was going to fall and break his head. He was so mad when it was time to go. I can only count a few times he was upset with me when I picked him up and this was one of them. He screamed and yelled and then when it was time to wash up he was especially upset.

Oh how he loved his uncle Danny. The bond they shared was created in Heaven. No matter who had him, even me, if Danny was around, Daxton’s face would light up and he would practically jump out of my arms or whoever was holding him to be with uncle Danny. They played many a game of Warcraft and spent many hours of homework together.

I only got frustrated with him a few times. He was my precious little boy and seriously with those blue eyes I could NEVER say no. The last day I saw him alive I put him down for a moment and he stood up to the counter, gave me a big yell and plopped down on his bottom.

When I got ready in the morning he would sit on the bathroom counter and play with a toothbrush and the toothpaste. He would get his toothpaste and slobber all over the mirrors.

Every once in awhile I would find him in the refrigerator and he would have his pants down because he couldn't ever keep them on. He would yell for me to come and rescue him and of course I did, but not before I took a picture.

Mikenna and Savannah loved to help with baby brother. He received that name very early on of “baby brother.” They helped with diaper changes, with bottle making preparations, making him food, feeding him all sorts of goodies like ice cream and cake and cookies.

I remember not to long ago we were at the store and we bought an ice cream. I got a big one for me and thought I would just share it with Daxton. He ate all but three bites and was very upset when there was no more for him. He saw that Mikenna had one and she was so sweet to share with him.

He climbed on everything! He was happiest on the couch, I guess he figured he could see better up there. He would run the couches, well crawl. I had to put them together with the table in the middle because he would just jump from one to another and I didn’t want him to fall and break his head. He would crawl over to me and then give me a great big open mouth slobber, a big smile, a brief hug and he would be off again.

He loved to play on our computers, when he saw that Doug was on his computer (all the time) he would crawl over to him and with all the love and annoyingness in the world began to press all the keys you didn’t want him too.

I remember playing Settlers with my girlfriends and trying to nurse him. It was always a challenge because he would peek his head out and I would lose my concentration. I blame him for my losses for I was focusing more on him than the game.

The last day I saw him alive, I gave him many a kisses. I hugged him and smelled him and my sister literally had to pull him away. He had just began to clutch at me and he had a grip on him I didn’t know a baby was capable of. I looked at pictures while we were at Havasupai and prayed every waking moment to keep my babies safe.

Dedication and Story

This blog is dedicated to Daxton Douglas Kunz.

He was and continues to be my little piece of perfection in this life. His baby blues melted my heart each day I woke up. His smile lit up my eyes and my day was brighter because of him. His cheeks rosy red warmed my soul.

He was born on May 31, 2007 and became and angel in Heaven on June 9, 2008. It was a tragic household accident. He was caught in the blinds. He was taken to the hospital where they worked on him for 45 minutes. They never got a heartbeat. That is all the detail I will say.

My world shattered, came crashing down on me. I honestly thought that I wouldn't ever be able to breathe, let alone live again. I began searching, deep down, in what I truly believed in. I prayed to God that He would give me strength to endure this trial. I buried myself in projects, taking care of daily tasks, and tried to enjoy life again.

At the hospital he was taken, they weren't fully equipped to handle a situation as tragic as this, and they did the best they could. One of the nurses started a "Daxton Box." She donated blankets and stuffed animals to give to families who happen upon such tragic circumstances.

After about 6 months went by, I wanted to do something to help other families. I wanted others to know that they were not alone, that I was a mother who had lost my son, but yet still found the will to live. I worked with the nurse and social workers and came up with a plan.

My brother needed to do an eagle project and we decided together that the Daxton boxes were the perfect thing to do. His Board of Review agreed that this was the best eagle project they had ever seen. And so it began.

We started collecting donations, monetary, stuffed animals, blankets, and cameras. We put in a significant amount of our time and money in completing 100 kits. It was amazing. The outpouring of love and support from our friends, family, and community. I was truly touched beyond anything I can describe.

These kits were delivered on March 23. They were well received and we were glad that we could put together something for the families.

Let me take a moment to tell you what the "Daxton boxes" are just in case you were wondering. In them are a 40 by 40 blanket, a stuffed animal, camera, and a letter from me, a letter from my brother. Items selected are what I wish we would have had in the hospital. I can't really describe it. You only know if you have been there. Which I hope you never ever are.

Each blanket is hemmed and the majority by me with LOTS of LOVE. This blanket is for the baby, to be wrapped in, so that the mom can hold him/her, all snuggled and warm. A stuffed animal is given to the mother so that when she leaves the hospital, her arms are not empty. The camera is used to take pictures. It is disposable so that pictures can be taken. This may seem morbid, but that is why the camera is disposable. It can sit on the shelf, just in case mom wants to develop it and if she doesn't, it is just there to sit. The letters are from my brother and I. They are personal and written for the families. Each of the items are placed in a ziploc baggie and stored for when they need to be used.

Daxton's life was cut short, but I believe that his life was full. It was full of love. It was full of happiness. It was full of joy. He lives on in my heart, in my eyes, in my daily life. I know he isn't too far away. He is my angel.

In creating the Daxton Box, I hope that I can help his memory live on. That I can help others in their time of grief.

Here is to you, my son, my precious little blue eyed son. May your memory live on in our hearts forever. Until we meet again.